Denmark Community Windfarm Inc.


3.1 The objects of Denmark Community Windfarm Inc are to:
  1. advocate, establish, contribute to, endow, promote and maintain Sustainable Community Enterprise Projects within the south coast region of WA, by DCW itself or in concert with government and/or private enterprise;

  2. use the proceeds of Sustainable Community Enterprise Projects to provide funding to the Denmark community and to Denmark-based community groups that
    1. provide charitable and benevolent services to the community of Denmark
    2. provide for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment of the Denmark region, including coastal and marine resources
    3. promote environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Denmark region;

  3. encourage cooperation and coordination whenever it is important to the cause of greater awareness of Sustainable Community Enterprise Projects;

  4. conduct research programs and feasibility studies aimed at achieving greater knowledge of the factors influential in affecting Sustainable Community Enterprise Projects;

  5. foster community acceptance of Sustainable Community Enterprise Projects through cooperation, collaboration, sharing of information and understanding;

  6. receive from any person or corporation who may desire at any time to further the objects of DCW, gifts of property of every nature whatsoever, whether real or personal, movable or unmovable and wheresoever situated and to hold all property so received in perpetuity either in its then form or investment for so long as DCW for the time being thinks fit or at the unfettered discretion of DCW to sell, call in and convert to money all or any such property or so much as does not consist of money;

  7. promote cooperation between DCW and local, state and federal governments for research and information on matters and to pursue any channel open or available through these government departments for acquisition of funding and or grants which will further the objects of DCW;

  8. print publish issue distribute and circulate such proceedings lectures papers communications correspondence reports periodicals pamphlets books plans drawings tables compilations circulars and literary matters as DCW considers conducive to the attainment of its objects or any of them;

  9. raise funds from grants, solicit donations, gifts, bequests or subscriptions from Members and from the public; and

  10. gain sponsorship.


PO Box 142 Denmark 6333