Denmark Chamber of Commerce

Services Provided

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce Inc. is an integral part of the economic and social structure of Denmark and its regions.

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce Inc. supports, promotes and protects the mercantile interests of the Denmark community and its regions through the connection of people, ideas, skills, information and resources.

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce will focus on three core areas of service:

  • Facilitation: Providing facilitation assistance for businesses and community organizations that assists in building their business capacity.
  • Networking: Connecting businesses to each other, the community and with broader regional and statewide networks.
  • Advocacy: Identifying amd adding voice to the business issues impacting the sustainable development of economy in Denmark.
in addtion to engaging in promotion and education that creates opportunities for local businesses.

Denmark Chamber of Commerce
1/81 Strickland Street
Phone: 08 9848 2065