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Located in Denmark, Western Australia, the Denmark Environment Centre is the public face of environmental awareness and activities on the south coast.

We aim to inspire, educate and connect people in the community to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment through education, research and advocacy.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Centre relies on membership, donations and volunteers to continue our valuable work with Individual (Adult and Junior), Affiliated Group or Corporate memberships:

  • Individual members get emails of news and events, borrowing rights to our environmental resource library, use of herbarium and microscope for identification of plants and animals, use of the community computer for environmental research and projects, and the opportunity to support environmental education, research and advocacy in the Shire of Denmark.
  • Affiliated Group members also get use of the community board to promote their group, promotion of the group’s events at the Centre, the opportunity for volunteers to staff the Centre and talk to visitors about the group, and a listing, with their groups' Objectives, on our website.
  • Corporate members also get a listing as a supporter on the Community Board inside the Environment Centre and a listing, with their Environmental Credentials, on our website.

The Centre houses

  • an environmental bookshop
  • herbarium
  • a specialist library
  • A home energy-saving audit kit (free for members)

The shop opens 10am-4pm Tuesday - Friday and 10am-12pm Saturday on the main shopping strip in town, where you will meet our members who volunteer their services to keep the doors open. You may browse the wide range of books for sale on many aspects of the environment; the displays on how to become more efficient in your use of energy and water; the many free informative brochures; sign petitions; catch up with local events and find out about local community groups.

You may browse our library but you need to become a member to have borrowing rights. Our herbarium (collection of named, dried specimens of local plants) is available for anyone to refer to. We also have a stereoscopic microscope to aid identification of flora and fauna.